Wednesday, September 29, 2004


one of my exes once said, "men are pigs. don't you ever believe in even one of them."

now i know what he meant by that.

and my irwan, you may ask? he's not a man. (ha!)

he's an angel, sent by god above to be my guardian in life. luv you wan!

Monday, September 27, 2004

ozidol madness!

hey! check this out! really, me (and all the girls in my house, of course) are really happy happy happy about tonight's result of australian idol! just to get the glimpse picture of it, here goes the situation during the verdict, IN MY HOUSE:

[sounds from TV] : now marty, casey and emelia are in the bottom three. we'll see whose dream is going to be over tonight. we'll find out after the break. *and the audience, including us goes like: booooooo*

-----break *ceritanya hehe* -----

[sounds from TV] : casey, you're safe (then she goes back again to the seat).

[me n the girls] : ohh man, meaning marty is not safe yet? geeezzz he's gonna lose tonight. *deg2an*

[sounds from tv] : marty and emelia, australia has voted, between you and emelia, the one who's leaving the competition tonight is....

[me n the girls] : bener2 speechless, gak mengucapkan satu kata apapun. *makin deg2an*

[sounds from TV] : the one who's leaving the competition is... EMELIA!!!

[me n the girls] : speechless for about 0.01 second, before screaming: BOOOOHOOOO!!! WOOO HOOOO!! GO MARTY, GO MARTYYYY!!! YAAYYY!!!! *don't care anymore what the MCs said, don't care about the emelia's teary eyes (she's trying not to cry though), sampe tos2an segala, hampir berpelukan pulak. kampung total dah pokoknya :">*

yes, we ARE that pathetic, and yes, we ARE proud to be banci idoooll!!! nyahahahhaa :P

not that i love marty that much, no. even i didn't vote him last night. but this emilia girl, gosh.. i dunno, just don't like her, that's all. the reason why i don't like emilia is.. uhmm.. u know.. simple reason like.. I DON'T LIKE HER FACE? she has this pretty annoying face you know. nyehehehe *bitchy mode, ON*

jagoan gw so far mah masih ricki-lee, who sang michael jackson's "don't stop till you get enuf". keren ajeee.. gila2aann.. dahysat jayalah kalo kata gw.. hueheuhe :P

so people, enjoy this idol madness while you can, still lot more to come though (as u know prolly notice, yes i'm pretty much obsessed with this idol thingie). so there. later!

PS: my stewpid image host is not working properly these couple o' days. apology for the can not be displayed images.

Sunday, September 26, 2004


shit i so miss my man lately!! damn this feeling. damn this distance. damn you!

Saturday, September 25, 2004

showground to the ground zero!

after have been living in melbourne for 2 years, i finally went to the can-be-called one of the biggest events in melbourne. the melbourne royal show! i actually had to force my self going there, cuz i was, and now still am, having this terrible flu. talking about runny nose, sore throat and painful headache here. but hey, the show must go on, innit? :P~

went there with egi and ndun, so here we are:

and this is the glorious melbourne royal show, you see the shop on both sides? that's the place where they sell lots and lots of showbags, such as the simpson's showbags, south park, sesame street, wonka, etc. whoa they sell, literally, thousands of showbags! just be careful, especially if you're not so big, cuz those big bule2 might just step on you. hehehe :P

and look what i bought! cute innit? :P

another piccies..

oh, look at this! the most beautiful ogre-wannabe in the world! *LOL*

there are plenty of attractions we can see, plenty of games, and zillions of presents can be won. all, of course, came with prices. expensive prices. come to think of this. the entry fee is $15 for concession, and of course more expensive for adult. and the showbags? whoa those are even more expensive. the cheapest showbags worth $10, with $2o the most expensive. and the food, you may ask? nah ah dude, that's not free as well. in fact, they're sumtimes even more expensive than the usual price *yaaa contohlah dufan, makanan di luar yang murah gitu, sementara di dalem dufannya bisa 2 kali lebih mahal.. huhuhu*

tips and hints:
-bring lots and lotsa cash. they don't receive ANY card. be it credit card or bank card (EFTPOS).
-bring your own bottled water. cuz for regular bottled water, you'll be charged like $3-$4 per bottle. that's $1 more expensive than the usual price.
-bring your own medicine. *just in case you feel a bit dizzy after you had the ride*
-quote from ndun, prepare your puke-bucket. LOL
-don't be seduced with the stuffs from the showbags. most of them are only gonna fill your trash bin afterwards. a.k.a. they're useless.
-prepare your metcard, cuz the staffs at the check out gate are definitely gonna check whether you have one. you'll be killed if you don't have one. *i'm kidding of course, kiddo* but yes, prepare your own metcard.
-wear sneakers and your most comfortable outfit. no high heels allowed. well, it's really up to you though, cuz i've seen the-goin-to-prom-frocks yesterday. the result? mereka kesusahan sendiri jalannya. nyahahaha sukuriiiinnnn!

but overall, apart from the ripping off prices, showground still offers you lots and lots of fun, especially if you go with your best mates, daaan.. beramai2! and yes, i did have fun yesterday, apart from my sickness of course. the negative side from showground? now i'm broke. nyahahaha nasiib.. nasiiibb...

Thursday, September 23, 2004

selamat pagiiii...

hari ini, pagi-pagi bangun, trus seperti biasa nelfon dia, abis itu online sebentar, buka email, dan ada ini:

From : AW <***>
To :,
Subject : Mijungism
Date : Wed, 22 Sept 2004 00:21:12 +0700

isinya, gak penting, hanya seperti biasa, cerita ini itu, tentang kawan-kawan, plus kata-kata gila dari sang pengirim. sampe gw bener-bener terharu, nemu ini...

satu baris, bener-bener satu baris, kalimat ini..

"just being glad and excited to always have someone like you as my adorable bestfriend. x)"

thank you so much, buddy, you really make my day! *masih terharu garuk2 aspal*

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

new feature

apology for you who don't speak bahasa. better skip this entry, if i were you. :)

hola2. just added a new feature on my blog. just in case you stupid people haven't noticed, there is a bunch of list, consists of people who's giving out their comments about me, in indonesian.

setelah ngubek-ngubek testimonial dari friendster, cari sana cari sini, akhirnya gw berkeputusan untuk naro sebagian ke blog gw. top ten-nya testimonial ceritanya. not the best ten though, tapi testis yang asalnya dari orang-orang yang mayan deket. kenapa gak semuanya, you may ask? alesannya, cape aja gilak naro 110 testimonial? mo sepanjang apa blog gw? lagian, sisi narsis gw udah cukup terpuaskanlah pake bginian. nyehehehe. so there, enjoy! *jaaahhh, AS IF!* :P

my nephew

isn't he cuteeee?? *and the crowd goes: aaawwwwhh...* :P

Monday, September 20, 2004

hip hip hooray!


long live democrazy! or should we call it democranky? hehehe god i hope he's not gonna educate me about the whole idea of the real term of democracy. ^-^
anyways, i didn't keep my promise *you know, about the australian idol recap? if anyone of you cares about that. hehe* so yep, i didn't write about it, cuz i'm off to the nyoblos thingie. again, happy nyoblos everyone!!

Sunday, September 19, 2004


just finished watching australian idol, which led me to post sumtin about it. but not now, cuz i need to take a shower. will post sumtin bout it tmrw. promise. n don't care whether you like it. lol :P

have a good night everyone, later!

PS: this stupid entry is just a reminder, really, due to a short term memory loss i'm kinda suffering from. so yup, just hoping that i'm gonna read this entry first before deciding on what to write tomorrow. nyehehehe :">

Saturday, September 18, 2004


god it's been so long since i've stopped smoking. well i started being a smoker when i was 15 *young enuf to start a deed of dying young eh*, then quit during my high school years, which was from 1997 til 2000. thanks to my college atmosphere that gave me so much freedom in smoking (yes, i was that pathetic, sort of a smoker who must had a good situation first when i wanted to smoke), i started to smoke again, after 3 years of absence. still was a casual smoker, i only smoked when most of my friends did. i could say that it was the situation that forced, or rather, encouraged me to smoke. but i didn't blame anyone for this. me, like many other smokers, knew so well about the effect of smoking, let alone really felt it, but dunno why i was so into smoking. yah.. kalo kata orang jaman sekarang mah, gejolak kawula muda kali yah? kekekek :P

but anyhoo, now this is rather weird, i started to quit when i started to live in melbourne. i mean, i thought i was going to so into it, since my folks are back home *a.k.a they wouldn't know bout me n ciggies*. but i quit. don't know why, suddenly i just didn't have the desire to smoke.
padahal mah gw ngerti banget kalo gw berenti ngrokok gara2 mehong harga rokoknya. taelah, beli rokok sebungkus disini mah sama aja satu karton di jkt. huhuhu nasib orang kere cuy..

odd enuf, my folks finally found out that i'm a smoker. or rather was a smoker. they just asked me, out of the blue, saying "i know that you smoke. just quit that, bcuz you really are wasting my money. and you are on your ongoing process of your suicide." and i was just saying, "woot? why do you say it now? i've been a smoker since the age of 15 y'know, but now i am NOT a smoker anymore. so yea, i' not wasting your money. i did waste them though.." hauheuaheuae

oh well, the tempation is still there though. untung ada irwanku, yang siap dengan gadanya yang gede kalo gw mulai2 coba ngrokok.. mwuhewhuheuhe

PS: this entry is inspired by hendra, a friend who's trying to quit. good job so far bro, but like you said, it's so easy to quit smoking, just do it everyday! lol =)

Friday, September 17, 2004

aah.. the good ol' times..

i just checked a photo album made by one of my best friends back in jakarta. it's nothing special, really. but not for me. pour moi, it is very important. indeed it is. suddenly i so miss them. lucky i still have most of my old times friends, from my elementary school until my sick university of indonesia friends. we grew up a lot since then. and i have such a unexplainable feeling when i saw those piccies. i mean, do you have sorta like a weird feeling when you're looking at old photos? like thoughts such as "does he know at that time,that a year after he became model?", or "goodness me, i was sooo thin back then." *looking at myself, lol*

ah memories...

anyways, just so happy to have friends like them.. they ARE really special for me. geez i so miss jakarta :(

Thursday, September 16, 2004

i know i shouldn't say this, but..

FU*KKKK!!!!!!!!!! F*CKKKK!!!!!!!!!

and yes, that came from the very bottom of my heart.

books, books, books

god i'm so dying to read such an entertaining book. dunno why, but this semester is really tough. don't even have time go out and to meet friends. and to top of it all, i don't even have time to read books! goshh..

so what i did was just browsed around the net *as i always do* to find a couple of book reviews back in indonesia. just enter the author personal blog, and read the review here. can anyone send the book here to melbourne? ^-^

sheesh i so envy them for being such a good writer. i've been dying to write sumtin good all my life, but i just don't have the talent to write. not even on a simple thoughts. poor me. and now i realised that my english is getting worse, but ah well, i never speak, nor write, english that good either. >.<

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

these words...

these words have been running thru my head for these couple of days.

Ramma lamma lamma ka dingity ding da dong
Shoo bop shoo wadda wadda yippity boom da boom
Chang chang changity chang shoo bop
Yip da dip da dip shoo bop sha dooby do
Boogy boogy boogy boogy shooby sho wap sho wap
Sha na na na na na na na yippity dip da do
Ramma lamma lamma ka dingity ding da dong
Shoo bop shoo wadda wadda yippity boom sha boom
Chang chang changity chang shoo bop
Yip da dip da dip shoo bopp sha dooby do
Boogy boogy boogy boogy shooby sho wap sho wap
Sha na na na na na na na yippity dip da do
A womp bop a looma a womp bam boom

riddle riddle, it's actually came from a song. a very popular song from an oh-s0-glorious musical movie, back in late 1970s. can anyone notice what song, or what movie is this?

ok, off topic now. i finished my friggin' friendster assignment yesterday! woohoo! it's time now to celebrate myself a bit. goin out tonight, don't care where i'm gonna go and with who i'm going with. now i can have a chunk of my so-called self-freedomless (is that a word? lol) back.

Sunday, September 12, 2004


do you know what my LCD laptop looks like? well, have a full eye on this picture! :">

yes, everyone, THAT is how my LCD looks like. my oh my.. hehehe. it has been going on quite long, maybe almost a year.. i tried to have it rapaired though. but this damn laptop required IDR 7 million (AUD $ 1200) to have it done. gawd where do i get that amount of money? so for the time being, i just have to enjoy my laptop this way. let's just say, seeing stuffs from another eyesight? =D

Saturday, September 11, 2004

internet all over again.

heyhoo, i'm doing my assignment rite now (yep, the never ending list of assignment), and this is just a quick view on the internet. all are taken from my electronic society text book.

what hath the mouse wrought: the dystopian and utopian views of the internet.

the dystopian view is that the consequences have been bleak and the future trend is more dismal still. commercial nd technological forces are gaining control of the internet, individual users are prey to misinformation, deception, hucksters. the internet exposes users, and especially children, to violence, pornography, and the hate groups. lonely and outcast people are wasting their time in unreal relationship.

whilst the utopian view is looking at the how the internet provides an overwhelming potential for the development of liberating communities, exponential increases in human and social capital, and the achievement of each individdual's full democratic participation in every policy decision. in essence, utopian maintain that the internet is revolutionary, freeing people and groups to achieve finally an egalitarian, multi-media information society.

*source: the internet and everyday life, edited by barry wellman and caroline haythornthwaite, 2002.

IMO, i would say that internet brings neither good nor bad things. like how i see everything in life, i would say the usage of internet depends how you use it. it can be bad and good at the same time. eeekkk, confusing, i know.

but, are we or are we not living in the grey area? really, i never think in black and white anymore. all the facts in my life has made me think that life is nothing but a grey area (is it totally grey or is it full of spectrums?) eeekk, even more and more confusing, sorry.

sheesh this assignment. oh help me god. *fingers crossed, hoping some miracles*

Thursday, September 09, 2004


they say a picture worth a thousand words. here are few of the most representative pictures about the australian embassy (kuningan, jakarta) bombing. waddaya think?


Australian embassy has been bombed in Jakarta.

more news and updates here, here, and here.

i'm trying to get through detiknews though, but still failing until now. maybe the server is down due to a sudden rush of people getting through at the same time.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

rape in cyberspace

so yea, i finally did my talk today on virtual community. well actually it's a must, since its a formal assessment in my issues in media communication class. *sigh*

so anyhoo, i did the rape in a cyberspace case study to analyse how a person can be involved in an online community. for me it's just so amazing to see how people are so serious on taking this particular issue into their account. have fun reading it, people! *as if!*

for you who haven't even given a shot to read the article, here's a lil idea of what the article really is about. it's about a story of mr. bungle and how he had raped few people in the chat room, the so-called "living room". he used the voodoo doll program to force few members to commit demeaning sexual act.
the debates from this case ranging from a formal social rules to the ethical codes needed in the chat room.
from this incident, it showed how individuals are affected by online community, and how societies are formed through their interactions.

so there, have a lil piece of my lovely presentation, ok? *devilish laugh*

my assignments update: philosophy politics' deliberative democracy: DONE.
issues in e-media reading journal: DONE
issues in e-media presentation on virtual community: DONE.
e-society's friendster: haven't even touched that. *sigh*

3 down, 1 more to go! *yaaaay! go meee, go meeee!*

*maaf, update kali ini benar-benar membosankan. these assignments are really dragging me off from my comfort zone, from my social life, and even from my shopping habit! these have gotta STOP!*

Tuesday, September 07, 2004


bloggin from my own laptop. with a brand new adsl connection. woohooo!!!

*congratulations, and celebrations... lallaaaalalaaaa* [noveau information riche mode, ON.] *blushed*

Sunday, September 05, 2004

hidup=dua kutub bipolar?

hari ini, keponakanku 'datang' ke dunia. dia datang hanya untuk kembali. bahkan ia kembali sebelum ia sempat datang. kembali ke yang menciptanya.
Khaira Putri Indra kami beri nama ia.
hari ini ia 'lahir', untuk kemudian kami makamkan.. semoga ia langsung dapat beristirahat dengan tenang. mungkin ini yang terbaik. untuk dirinya, untuk kedua orang tuanya, dan untuk kami semua.

hari ini juga, dua orang sahabat berulangtahun. merayakan hari kelahirannya. yang satu malah lebih dari sahabat. walaupun tidak sedarah. selamat ulang tahun kepada mba hestia dan reza, dua orang yang telah sekian lama hidup di dunia ini.. mudah-mudahan tuhan terus memberkati dengan rezekinya masing-masing.. :)

hari ini, aku dibuat sadar. kalau hidup adalah dua buah kutub bipolar. atau bahkan lebih? hanya saja, aku belum sadar.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

ruang dan waktu..

"yah, anakku baru saja pergi meninggalkanku," tangis pemuda itu dalam perjalanan pulang dari rumah sakit menuju rumahnya. sinyal handphone yang putus-putus membuat suara tangisnya semakin pilu. di sampingnya terduduk lesu istri yang sangat disayangi pemuda itu. setengah tidak percaya karena kemarin masih dirasanya hangat janin di perutnya. setengah tidak percaya karena suaminya masih bermain-main dengan janinnya, dan sang janin pun membalas dengan gerakan halusnya. setengah tidak percaya, karena ia telah kehilangan sesuatu bahkan sebelum ia memulai memeluknya, memegangnya, bahkan melihatnya.

sang ayah bergeming, tidak bergerak apalagi beranjak dari duduknya. sang ayah yang biasanya tegar itu menangis. menangis karena ia baru saja kehilangan calon cucu perempuan yang sangat diharapkannya itu. menangis karena istrinya sedang tidak ada di sampingnya. menangis, karena anak lelakinya menangis.

ayah itu, ayahku.
pemuda itu, abangku.

aku pun menangis. karena tidak bisa berbuat apa-apa. bahkan tidak bisa menghibur dengan sentuhan apalagi dengan pelukan. pun dengan tawa.
tapi, sejauh manakah tawa bisa menghibur? kalau bisa, aku pun ingin tertawa saat ini.

tapi aku tahu, kesedihan adalah tunggal. tidak bisa dibagi-bagi, maupun diseimbangi. tidak bisa diukur dengan keberadaan seseorang. apalagi hanya dengan keberadaanku.

tapi, aku ingin berada di sana.. setidaknya, untuk menunjukkan bahwa aku sayang, aku peduli..

andaikan manusia tidak dibatasi ruang dan waktu..

*innalillahi wa'innaillaihi raji'un untuk calon keponakan saya..
tapi hey, setidaknya aku punya satu keponakan yang insya allah sudah pasti masuk surga (meminjam istilah andrie, seorang sahabat-red)..

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

so dying.

who's dying? me. saya. moi. oh god.

yep, two 3000-words essays. one for philosophy politics and one for electronic society.
one 20-minutes presentation on issues in electronic media, presenting about virtual community.
and one reading journal, again on issues in electronic media, consists all the readings about cyborgs, genealogy, digital archives, and all those media isht.

all due next week. so who's dying? meeee!!! *and the crowds are clapping hands, celebrating one's end of life..*

quote of my day: "i'm a spoil brat, i'm rich, and i'm so damn proud of it." (or sumtin like that, i totally forgot what the real actual line is). --julie bergdoff, in bergdoff blondes by plum sykes.--