Saturday, December 31, 2011

sumtin really new

everyone needs to do something new. if everyday is hard, well at least do it once and for all.

exhibit A: me, yours truly.

i once said 'oh i can cook, i just dislike it. i can cook when kfc or the nearby mcd closed'.
i, the never been cooking and super instant kinda girl, decided to cook full course meal for NYE celebration with friends. why on earth im doing this thing, i dont know. maybe, just maybe, its a sign that i have a very motherly sense inside of me? ;))

what do i cook?

- chicken with thyme & tarragon with mushroom sauce for the main course
- italian salad for the entree
- tomato fussili pasta for the side dish

been marinating the chicken the whole morning, and now it sizzles in the oven. time to cook the pasta i supposed, my guests are coming in 1.5 hours.

will post pictures later. wish me luck!