Wednesday, August 11, 2010

updates! updates!

Im happy..
that I get to meet this holy month of Ramadan. Cant describe how happy I am albeit chances im at home at Magrib is as slim as Nudie Jeans’ Thin Finn (super slim chance!). Nonetheless, the blessing is uncountable, Alhamdulillah.

Im looking forward to..
next week business trip to Surabaya & Malang for Sales Clinic Train The Trainers Session. Gonna be super fun fun fun since pretty much everyone from my department is gonna be there, plus those departments we oftenly work together with.

I was overwhelmed..
by few trips I had. Went to Singapore for 4 days to visit my brother and his family (lovely wife and 2 adorable children, that is) with bionikman, plus a cousin. Then Bandung, last Monday, for a super-express-not-quite-a-holiday trip. The traffic was awful plus the weather wasn’t helping either, but it was a good session with mom and cousing nevertheless.

I was flabbergasted (and still am, truth to be told)..
for the fact that bionikman & I got the chance to see 3 concerts in this month only! Well, that’s 2 for us and 1 extra concert for bionikman alone :)
Firstly we went to Corinne Bailey Rae Live in Esplanade Singapore. It was magical, sitting at a big balcony, watching her showing her best musical talents. Then off we went to see Belle & Sebastian, one of my most favourite bands of all time, a week after Corinne’s. What’s more on B&S, is the idea of having them playing in front of us, not more than 3 meters apart! I mean, it’s B&S, all the way from Glasgow, with a very niche audience & fanbase, yet we were there, singing their songs out loud? I still get shivers only by typing this.
The extra concert was for bionikman, who went to Ian Brown & Kulashaker concert in Senayan at the same week as B&S. I am so happy for him cuz I know this is one of this all-time favourite artists.

I don’t get..
people who demand all restaurants and cafes need to be closed during this Ramadan. Under the name of tolerancy. I don’t get where the tolerancy part comes in. No, seriously, aint fasting is supposed to be about you, your relationship with Allah and your surroundings? If you are one of the people demanding this, well let me say this outloud: shame on you. May you find better home to live: under the rock.

I’m completely irritated..
by massive BBM broadcast. Well, the intention is nice, welcoming this holy month by Ramadan nice words, and lalala, but still, the idea of MASSIVE is irritating. I don’t need lengthy, super wise words from almost everyone on my contact list. A simple “hey Mijung, let’s welcome this Ramadan by forgiving each other. Happy Fasting!” See, the key is personalized and simple greeting. I’d go to if I need some wise words.

So there, my quick updates. Considering my poor ability on updating this blog, allow me to say:

May you have a very joyous and blissful Ramadan :)