Thursday, February 05, 2009

this blog

just when i thought there arent many people visiting this blog, i stumbled upon my damn google analytics (a very long abandoned site).

and lookie2, look what ive found:

- there are some quite unusual countries from where people visit this blog. i said quite unusual cuz i cant seem to recall having any acquaintances there. norway, india, japan, canada, zimbabwe anyone?

- few sickos are browsing thru this blog, EACH AND EVERY entries, on quite daily basis! oh woow, i bet theyre now bored as hell (looking at my life as simply boring and superbly mundane).

- there really are bored people out there. and theyre dying to look up for sumtin on the net, and put up keywords such as "abg asyik", "foto cewe pake legging", "percakapan di hotel" and many (and i mean many) other weird keywords.

- the winner of the weird keywords are (i cant pick a winner since theyre equally weird) "pesta seks bebas" aaaand, *drum rolls*, "farid wibowo". dude, seriously, "pesta seks bebas"? and who on this hellish world is farid wibowo??

so there. quite interesting, eh?

Sunday, February 01, 2009

the day

Do you know that we all have one-of-those-days day?

Where everything is a mess, your mood went thru a rollercoaster.

The people who are usually there are suddenly disappeared, even the ones who've been taking care of your back all this time.

In times like this, I usually learn not to take things too for granted.

Nothing seems to work. Everything just wrong, not in place yada yada yada and all.

And today, is definitely my one-of-those-days day.