Friday, February 03, 2012


So this girl at work asked me this morning about who my idol is. Of course i cant answer it right away; the question needs deep and thorough contemplation, i said.

Then she (who really keen to help) asked furthermore about what field or interest im into. Perhaps she could relate my interest in answering the first question. Right, i thought.

Then obviously i answered in a full tone of casualty: well i like music, yeah im into music.

Then boom! Just like that, she continued 'right ok, so ur into music.. Mmm then maybe ur idol is bach? Or chopin?'

Chopin. I just dont know how the thought (of me idolising chopin or such) came across her mind, while at the same time, im juggling in my head between madonna or michael jackson as my idol :D

So i guess we're just a very different type of person, huh?

And you, who's your idol?

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