Monday, March 12, 2012

What are we?

I read my timeline mostly in the morning. Usually while doing number 2. But thats too much information, innit? :p

My morning timeline is almost the same.

Monday means zombie faces tweet about how energetic today will be.

Tuesday and Wednesday are quite similar: very boring and mundane, stuffs like: good god, still faraway from weekend!

Thursday is quite unique: lordy lord, tomorrow is weekend already? Yep, tweeted by the same person who whine about Tuesday & Wednesday.

And Friday! Yes, Friday. Countless people worshipping Friday. TGIF, says most people. I guess its hard being Friday.

Saturday: happy people tweet about their weekend activity. Friends and family, no fuss and no wuss.

Sunday: people quite laid back on Sunday, i tell ya. Note on this: only in the morning. Sunday nite is hellish, with the cries and whines about the dreadful Monday.

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