Saturday, February 22, 2014

Happy spouse

I think i gotta restart my blogging life yet once again. Life's pretty busy with mundane stuffs, therefore i feel the urge to write. Kinda irrelevant huh, but I kinda need the balance blogging has to offer.

So here's a random thought in the middle of afternoon traffic.

One of the goal in my life is to make my spouse happy. I know its a utopic word and i know that happiness is not a destination but a journey, but i always think that happiness needs to be pursued.

Think about small things u do regularly. From making coffee in the morning, cooking their fav meal, getting new stuffs, listening to their problems, taking care of your kids while they're away working, or as simple as supporting them during their hardest time.

To me, my biggest support for my spouse would be putting my needs aside, and let his priorities be mine. Quite a difficult task i might say, because this means i have to put my ego aside, throw away my tiredness, and make sure that his priorities are number one.

Seems easy? Of course not. As i said earlier, as happiness about the journey itself, so is the effort. Of course its sometimes tiring, boring and can boil your head off. But if your goal is to make your spouse happy, im sure i can make myself, in the process, happy.

Now question: do you make your spouse happy? How often do you make them happy?

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